Accuracy in Media

Hundreds of left-wing protesters who gathered in front of the San Francisco Airport Hyatt Regency on Friday failed to prevent GOP frontrunner Donald Trump from speaking at the California Republican Party convention, despite shutting down most access to the hotel.

While there were already a number of people protesting Trump with signs reading “Make America Native Again,” “Trump=Nazi,” and other such slogans, they were joined by Black Lives Matter activists and other left-wing groups. I saw one older woman carrying a sign that read, “We Need Socialism, Capitalism Kills.”

The protest was mostly peaceful until a group broke through the barricades and rushed towards the hotel, but police quickly stopped them.

Trump managed to enter and exit the hotel through a back door, unbeknownst to many protesters who just kept on demonstrating well after Trump had left the hotel. Trump even joked about it.

“My wife called and said there were helicopters following you,” he said. “Then I went under a fence, and through a fence. It felt like I was crossing the border, actually. I was crossing the border, but I got here.”

The support for Trump was very strong at the convention, which bodes well for him heading into the June 7 primary in California.

Watch the video below with an MSNBC reporter speaking to one protester who had no idea that Trump was already in the hotel.

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