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larry king cnn runs cartoons

In an interview with Marc Lamont Hill on HuffPost Live, former CNN host Larry King said that his former employer has “got problems,” and that if he were in charge he would run cartoons—specifically SpongeBob Squarepants—all day long:

CNN’s got problems because in today’s world, all of them have problems. Where do we go? What do we want now? CNN is turning to documentaries. I don’t know what they’re going to do.

Hill asked King what advice he would give CNN president Jeff Zucker, who is struggling to revive the network’s ratings.

King said he wasn’t a programmer, but he thought cartoons were the way to go, and that ‘SpongeBob” was the best show on cable television:

Put ‘SpongeBob’ on CNN—24 hours—until a big story breaks. Then we break into ‘SpongeBob,’ and go to the hurricane, and then back to ‘SpongeBob.’

Of course King was joking when he said that, but just the thought of it serves to underscore just how far CNN has fallen.

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