Accuracy in Media

Howard Kurtz interviews Larry King about how he in Kurtz’s opinion managed not to inject his own opinion into his show.

Kurtz did describe King as a liberal which he didn’t deny but King really didn’t have to inject his opinion into his program because his line of questioning often did it for him so it’s a bit disingenuous to say that his program wasn’t opinionated.

But even if King had been more Hannity or Maddow like I doubt that his ratings would have been any better as he is more of a straight on interviewer and Hannity and Maddow also add a bit of entertainment to their programs that make them popular.

CNN is probably glad to see King go and free up a valuable time slot which had been performing poorly for years but couldn’t fire him because he was such an iconic figure. There is no guarantee that his successor Piers Morgan will do any better but Morgan is likely to be more entertaining than King and that gives the network some hope that they can become competitive again.

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