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Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss his new book, The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd confirmed that Democratic senators have called MSNBC to find out what the White House is planning, since President Obama rarely speaks to any of them on a regular basis.

“I actually had a senator—and it happens quite a few times—where senators will call us saying, ‘What are you hearing over at the White House? What are they thinking on this bill?’” said host Joe Scarborough. “I’ll go, are you kidding me?”

“I’ve had those conversations…” Todd said.

The charge that Obama has been aloof, or distant, when it comes to relations with members of his own party, has been frequently mentioned almost since the time he was first elected in 2008.

“One of the things that we’ve all heard from so many people—and it wasn’t like six years in, it was like two months in, from the most senior Democrats—senators, on the Hill—‘He never calls; he never talks to us,’” Scarborough said.

Scarborough may have been exasperated at the calls from Democrats, but he’d better get used to it. Now that they are in the minority, and with a little over two years left in Obama’s term in office, they are likely to keep coming because the President isn’t likely to suddenly become more communicative.

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