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One of the major issues in the immigration debate has to do with what to do with the exploding population of day laborers. Now The Washington Post has gotten into the fight with an editorial on Gaithersburg, Maryland’s problems in finding a suitable site for the day laborers.

Here is part of the editorial

Gaithersburg’s dilemma is no different from that of other growing suburban localities in this area and elsewhere, where day laborers — most of them Hispanic and many of them illegal immigrants — are in demand. Like it or not, they are an integral part of the local economy, and their services are welcomed as house painters, construction workers, landscapers and odd-jobbers. Like other jurisdictions, Gaithersburg has been saddled with a problem that is the product of the federal government’s failed immigration policies. But also like other jurisdictions, Gaithersburg must make accommodations for a group of workers from whom the city and its residents clearly benefit.

So let me get this straight. Even though the Post admits most of the workers are illegal they think that the city must find a day labor site and that the federal government is to blame for this. It’s true that if the government had enforced the law we wouldn’t have the immigration problem we do today. Then why doesn’t the Post call on the government to enforce the law now? If they did, we wouldn’t need a day labor site which would cost the taxpayers dearly.

The Post apparently didn’t learn anything from the voters in Herndon, Virginia who threw out the local politicians who voted to build a day labor site while restricting citizen input. They still think it’s perfectly okay to in essence to assist illegal immigrants find work.

If the Post is so passionate about this issue why don’t they offer to find a spot and build a day labor site? Maybe the Post is secretly hoping that day laborers will become an integral part of their operation so that they can improve their profits. Just wait and see.

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