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In an interview with the Associated Press’s David Bauder, longtime ABC Nightline anchor Ted Koppel complained about how NBC has handled the scheduling of Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Koppel, who contributes four to five stories a year to Rock Center, thinks host Brian Williams deserves better than to see his show moved around like a chess piece:

Just when you think somebody might figure out when it’s on and want to see it the next week, they move it to another place. That’s not helpful, and I think Brian deserves more support than that.

NBC launched the show with much fanfare on Halloween 2011, and has been averaging 3.8 million viewers in its current time slot. Last week, however, it managed to attract just 2.8 million viewers compared to the 5.46 million that watched ABC’s 20/20.

Koppel blames NBC’s shuffling of the program for its rating woes, but it is the opposite that’s true. The show performed so poorly that NBC moved it around in a desperate attempt to attract viewers, and when that failed they just left it permanently in place on Friday.

Next time Koppel might want to check the facts before jumping to such conclusions.

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