Accuracy in Media

The John Kerry campaign which continues to lose ground to President Bush received another blow Sunday night at the MTV awards show. Kerry who has been using his daughters to help stump for him much like the President has done with his daughters must have been taken aback by the reaction they received when they took the stage.

Media reports have that when Alexandra and Vanessa had their turn at the microphone they were greeted by a mixture of boos and cheers. Boos? Is this not the same MTV that during the Clinton years heavily promoted a “Rock The Vote” campaign to get more peopel to register and in effect vote for Clinton? Is this not the same network that during a forum with Clinton aired a question from the audience on whether he wore “boxers or briefs”? This should have been a slam dunk, a home run, yet it wasn’t and the media was confused. How could rock fans actually boo the daughters of favorite son candidate Kerry? It happened because there is a backlash against mixing politics with the perfomances. The audience came to listen and watch the singers entertain. They didn’t come for  political stumping from any candidate.

Vanessa Kerry told CNN afterward that she was scared by the booing? Scared? She was probably too shocked to be scared. The message to Hollywood is clear. Shut Up and Sing.

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