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Sen. John Kerry whose campaign has been criticized for its lack of diversity has a new ally on the campaign trail. That ally is none other than the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sharpton, whose divisive politics have frustrated Democratic Party officials for years is now embracing the liberal Senator from Massachusetts, even going so far as to compare him favorably with Bill Clinton. Clinton as you may recall called himself America’s first black president, a label many in the black community considered utterly ridiculous.

In addition, Sharpton who critcized Howard Dean for the lack of diveristy on his cabinet when he was governor of Vermont, now accuses critics of Kerry on this issue of being disloyal to the Democratic Party’s goal of beating Bush.

“This is about winning,” Sharpton told reporters on Kerry’s campaign plane. “In the primaries, I raised the questions of inclusion and diversity. That’s where you raise them.

“Now we’re in the general election,” he said. “Now’s the time for the team to come together and win. Why are we raising those issues that we should have discussed in January in June?”

 Sharpton is a perfect fit for Kerry. One flip flopper deserves another.

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