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This may be America, but it hasn’t stopped one school from broadcasting the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish. That is until one angry parent took up the cause of protecting the pledge. “This is a SACRED oath.” The parent Noelle Tepper wrote in an e-mail she sent to several local officials. She continued on in the e-mail by stating “It is written in English. Our language is English. I am offended to hear it any other way. I am angry that my child is having to hear this in another language.”

Her e-mail message to the Board of Education and the school district’s interim superintendent  was largely ignored until she sent a message to Michael L. Cady, the vice president of the Board of County Commissioners in Frederick County, Maryland. Cady a former Marine who called on the school board to halt the practice which they promptly did.

The principal of Windsor Knolls Middle School  who came to the U.S. from India when she was 8 , said she didn’t see anything wrong with pledging allegiance in another language, but she wanted to keep the peace and honor the community’s sensibilities.

Other examples of the dual pledge are in Nevada and Washington.

If it wasn’t for one thirteen year old girl who complained to her mother, we never would have known this was going on. This is another example of how little the parents know what is happening in their children’s schools. The diversity movement is in full swing and it’s not just on our nation’s campuses. It is in our backyard. If we let this effort continued unchecked it won’t be long before we see the President of the U.S. taking the oath of office in Spanish.

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