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Juan Williams, who wasn’t liberal enough for NPR and was subsequently rewarded with a fat contract by Fox News, departed from his more moderate stances of late on the network today when he blasted the Tea Party over the budget agreement reached on Friday that trimmed government spending.

Williams: I think they (Republicans) got real cuts at the point of threatening everybody and I think they open the door to charges that the Republicans aren’t concerned with the budget, they’re concerned with extremism. And I think if you look at the numbers now people are saying you know what you over read your mandate, you’re threatening the American people.

Williams then went on to say that Speaker of the House John Boehner has the Tea Party wrapped around his neck like an albatross, quoting none other than Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said that Boehner is been held hostage by extremists in his party.

Brit Hume answered Williams’ charges by pointing out that the Republicans were able to get nearly $40 billion in cuts and that even Obama is praising the deal.

Williams is off base, as Hume points out, because the budget deal wasn’t the result of Boehner being held hostage by the Tea Party. Rather it was that the Democrats felt they could be the ones held accountable in the 2012 elections since they had failed to pass the budget last year when they controlled both Houses of Congress.

In this case Williams sounded like a mouthpiece for the Democrats and the mainstream media who have been trying to paint the Tea Party as extremists rather than acknowledging  the need to trim government spending and put our financial house in order.


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