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Juan Williams: Obama Lost Debate Because of Twitter

[1]Last Thursday on Fox News’ The Five, lone liberal Juan Williams disagreed with the other panelists about President Obama’s debate performance, saying that he thought Obama won the debate, and blamed the blogosphere and Twitter for the “consensus” that the President lost.

First of all, I think that Twitter and the whole blogosphere thing made that the first presidential debate that was scored minute by minute. And it drove the consensus that exists today, that—‘Oh my gosh, Obama was crushed, Obama was devastated.’ You know this is such hokum. It was a social media phenomenon.

Williams went on to say that it really wasn’t the Right, but instead it was the Left that went “crazy” on Obama, because they wanted a grudge match and they didn’t get it.

Some on the Left did come down hard on Obama—Michael Moore, for example, issued 24 tweets excoriating Obama’s performance. But criticism of Obama’s performance went far beyond Twitter. As Dana Perino pointed out, even the Obama campaign admitted that the President lost, and their excuses didn’t include Twitter.

While the reaction to Obama’s debate performance was largely negative, even Williams must know that the President has no one to blame but himself .