Accuracy in Media

Little known singer-songwriter Joy Villa has skyrocketed to fame on the basis of the show-stopping “Make America Great Again” dress she wore at the Grammys on Sunday, but it appears that this was more of a well-planned publicity stunt than a genuine statement of support for the President.

Up until Sunday, there was nothing in Villa’s social media posts that showed that she had any affinity for Trump or anything political, preferring to comment on music, fashion and accusing a man of hitting her at 24 Hour Fitness for which she was filing a police report.

Then there are the tweets Villa has posted since coming to America’s attention. They are all about her skyrocketing album sales—she’s now No. 1 on both Amazon and iTunes, and liking her own YouTube music videos. That’s it, no political statements.

The other benefit besides the financial boost Villa is receiving from the album sales is that she now has 106,000 Twitter followers—up from 15,000 before Sunday—and 53,000 followers on Instagram, made up mostly of Trump supporters who flocked to follow her after pictures of her dress went viral.

Despite her lack of conservative credentials, Villa’s strategy at the Grammy was brilliant. The self-described “Grammy considered” artist stole the show with her Andre Soriano designed dress, not only grabbing far more than her 15 minutes of fame, but also poking a finger in the eye of the liberals in Hollywood and the media.

And that was worth it even if she never tweets support for Trump or his policies.

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