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Journalism Tops List of Most Useless Degrees

More bad news for those budding Ernie Pyles of the world as The Daily Beast [1] ranks journalism at the top of its most useless degree list.

1. Journalism

Median starting salary: $35,800

Median mid-career salary: $66,600

Change in number of jobs, 2008-2018: -4,400

Percentage Change in number of jobs, 2008-2018: -6.32

Undergraduate field of study: Communications

Number of students awarded degrees 2008-2009: 78,009

When those now-degreed students entered college, journalism was still doing fine, though beginning to feel the first effects of the Internet. But by the 2008-2009 period, the landscape had radically changed and anyone actually able to find a job of any kind was considered lucky.

Journalism schools are trying to adapt to survive. But in a world where traditional journalism is dying, students seeking a j-school degree are doing so at their own risk.