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How soon they forget.

Even though Van Jones served as the White House Green Jobs Czar for just under six months in 2009, Vice President Joe Biden didn’t have a clue as to who he was when asked during a radio interview about Jones and the “Occupy Wall Street” protests taking place this week in New York City.

Host: Let me ask you about the Tea Party. I pretty well have an idea of what your thoughts are on the Tea Party. What is your thought on the Van Jones organization of the “Occupy Wall Street” group, which is supposedly counter to the Tea Party?

Biden: Well, you know, look I—I really don’t know about the Van Jones group except what I read in the press. And by the way, I don’t disrespect the Tea party. I think the Tea Party and the Van Jones folks are part—are different halves of the same concern. There’s overwhelming frustration. There’s a great frustration here in America that the two parties haven’t been able to get very much moving. We have been in this period where there’s just nothing but fighting, and so you have on the one hand Van Jones’ guys—whoever he is—talking about, you know Wall Street and the excess—

Host: He used to be in the administration.

Co-Host: Used to be Green Czar.

Biden: Oh is that—alright. Well you know the point is, talking about the excesses of Wall Street and there’s some truth in what he says and the Tea Party, there’s some truth in what they say. I don’t have a disagreement. You know, one of the other things I said last week that got slightly taken out of context—it wasn’t intentional—was that I understand the fear and anger and frustration of the American people. Look, I was—I was raised in a family, maybe like you guys, where when there was a recession, someone around the table was going to lose their job. My uncle, my aunt, my—my—my dad or mom’s friends, my dad, and so when you’re in that position, man, you’re trying to figure out how to keep a roof over your head and feed your kids and put food on the table man, it’s—it’s tough stuff.

During his tenure at the White House Jones created quite a stir after it was revealed that he was involved with the radical bay Area group Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement (STORM), which had Marxist roots, and that he had signed a petition in 2004 from the group that questioned whether Bush administration officials had deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen.

With all the criticism that conservatives had about Jones at the time it seems unlikely that Biden would have forgotten who he is, but Biden is a busy man with all his ceremonial duties and probably didn’t want to be burdened with weighty matters.

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