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Jerusalem Taboo on MSNBC

Politico’s Dylan Byers reported [1] late Wednesday that the kerfuffle over the Democratic platform—originally leaving out support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and then inserting it yesterday in a highly controversial vote—has generated  a lot of attention on cable news, except on MSNBC.

[2]According to Byers, between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. on Wednesday, the word “Jerusalem” was mentioned 33 times on Fox News, 16 times on CNN, and not once on MSNBC. Byers did note that Chuck Todd mentioned it once in the 9 a.m. hour and reported on it shortly after 7 p.m., followed by some discussion between Chris Hayes and Al Sharpton during that 7 p.m. half-hour.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise since MSNBC has been acting more like an unofficial arm of the Democratic Party than a cable news network.