Accuracy in Media

The AP reported yesterday that Florida Governor Jeb Bush is backing a bill to grant illegal aliens drivers licenses.  He said that they are in the state anyway and that officials should accept the fact.  “We shouldn’t allow them to come into the country to begin with, but once they’re here, what do you do?” “A policy that ignores them is a policy of denial” So instead of trying to enforce the immigration laws he is now rewarding illegal aliens with one of the most prized possessions in America, a drivers license.

I feel very strongly that giving this privilege to those that haven’t earned it is wrong and dangerous.  Once an illegal alien obtains a license he or she can do just about anything they want since it is such a trusted piece of documentation.  This looks to me as another effort by the republicans to pander to the illegal alien voting bloc.  Fisrt we have the President with his guest worker (read amnesty) program and now his brother wants to give this group drivers licenses.  Do they actually believe that this group would ever vote for a republican?  They haven’t in the past and these efforts won’t change that one bit.  The governor should follow the lead of Illinois and North Carlolina and reject this effort to weaken our culture and our security.  Send comments to (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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