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Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who is adapting to his new role as a CNN contributor, told Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter that the President doesn’t watch cable news, but instead is a “voracious” reader of the printed word:

STELTER: Is it true the President doesn’t watch any cable news?

CARNEY: It is true, which doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get news, in a real time basis. He does. He’s a voracious consumer of the printed word, even the electronic printed word, and but he doesn’t — he doesn’t watch cable news. I have spent, you know, countless hours with him on Air Force One, especially, in the conference room where we always had the TV on, and it was never in any of the trips I ever took with him, tuned in to cable news.

What does Obama read? According to Carney, Obama’s media diet includes The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Politico, and the websites of CNN and MSNBC.

Carney didn’t mention Fox News, but since Obama has criticized the network on more than one occasion, there is little doubt that he has watched it in the past.

Maybe Carney didn’t want to out Obama as a Fox News viewer, and leave him open to being attacked from the left for doing so.

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