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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney came down with a sudden case of amnesia yesterday when he was asked by a reporter about a column he wrote in 2008 that was critical of comments the candidate made to donors at a private fundraiser.

In 2008 Obama told donors that people in rural, middle America “ they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion.”

Carney said in an interview in 2008 that Obama’s remarks show that he is “urban and urbane” and  not particularly well connected to small town America.

But that was 2008, and yesterday after being asked about his column, he claimed that he didn’t remember it, ad declined a reporter’s offer to read it to him.

Carney dismissed any comparison to Obama’s remarks and those of Mitt Romney, who told donors  several months ago that he was unlikely to get the support of the 47 percent of Americans who consider themselves victims and rely on the government for support.

I think the president, then candidate, addressed this at the time. This was four years ago. I think the broader point was that his message there and everyone in 2008, and going back to 2004 and every day since has been consistent.

About the only thing that has been consistent about the Obama administration is the 43 consecutive months of 8% plus unemployment. But that, like Carney’s reversal of his opinion of Obama’s  2008 remarks is just another inconvenient truth.


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