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jay carney pursed lips

After frequently being put on the defensive recently by the White House press corps over the Obama administration’s handling of its latest scandals, White House press secretary Jay Carney admitted on Wednesday that the media’s criticism is “legitimate.”

…there have been some legitimate criticisms about how we’re handling this… and I say ‘legitimate’ because I mean it.

Carney told reporters during the Wednesday briefing that, while the administration has endeavored to provide information to them as quickly and as comprehensively as possible, they are giving them the information they do have, and filling in the details later. This was an effort to explain how the White House has changed its approach, in an attempt to appear that they are interested in full disclosure, which they are clearly not.

The problem is that even the details are lacking in detail, which has frustrated the media, as Carney has stumbled his way through briefing after briefing.

Carney has done such a poor job that even Obama-lover Chris Matthews has referred to the administration’s handling of the IRS scandal as “bungling.”

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