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james carville on hillary email

Democratic strategist and close Clinton friend James Carville went on the offensive against the House Select Committee on Benghazi during an appearance on Andrea Mitchell Reports, calling the committee “a creation of Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers:”

Why don’t you see that this is true? Trey Gowdy is a creation of the Koch brothers and the whole climate denial industry. This committee was nothing but a creation of Rupert Murdoch and the Koch brothers.

Carville was responding to a question by host Andrea Mitchell as to how, as secretary of state, Clinton didn’t have the security warnings in Benghazi come to her attention.

Rather than answer Mitchell’s question directly, Carville went on to blast the committee for being a partisan political operation and challenged Mitchell to debunk his claims about committee chairman Gowdy:

He got into Congress because the Koch brothers put him there. Fact-check it. I’m right here. Everybody fact-check it. Have Politico do a story about the connection between them. I’m fine with that. But don’t send some over-your-head reporter to write, ‘Poor Trey Gowdy, isn’t it terrible he’s in the middle of a political fight.’

Mitchell refused to bite and she asked Carville about the fact that the committee was the first to discover Clinton’s private email server. Carville quickly blew that off, saying that it was completely legal. He ignored Mitchell’s comment that the FBI was investigating Clinton’s use of the server and whether or not she violated any laws by sending classified emails through it while serving as secretary of state.

Carville, Clinton and other Democrats are trying to turn the perception of the Benghazi committee investigation into a “vast right wing conspiracy.” But except for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (CA) foolish statement about the committee’s purpose, they don’t have any facts to back up their claims and they know it. So the strategy now is to discredit the committee as much as it can and hope the public buys it.

Mitchell wasn’t really buying it, but she didn’t really do much to stop Carville from spewing his misinformation.

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