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Longtime Clinton loyalist James Carville still thinks that Hillary Clinton is the best presidential candidate in the field, but acknowledged on Monday that she is “boring.”hillary clinton photo

Carville, who helped mastermind Bill Clinton’s presidential victory in 1992, appeared on With All Due Respect—which made its debut on MSNBC on Monday—with his Republican consultant wife Mary Matalin to discuss the 2016 presidential race when he made his comment about Hillary.

Matalin said that Hillary “could dress up like Catwoman, and start herself on fire, and she’d still be a boring candidate.”

Carville chuckled at his wife’s description of Hillary and replied, “Well, she might be boring, but she didn’t bankrupt any companies.” He was clearly taking a potshot at GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has seen a few businesses with his name on them make a trip to bankruptcy court.

He may have been trying to laugh off Matalin’s description of Hillary, but he knows—as do many other Democrats—that this is one of her core weaknesses. The fact that she is boring and doesn’t connect with voters could prevent her from winning the election in November.

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Photo by aj.hanson1

Photo by aj.hanson1

Photo by aj.hanson1

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