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CNN’s Jake Tapper, appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday, was asked to comment on former President Bill Clinton’s recent statements regarding Monica Lewinsky and the #MeToo movement.

Meyers said Clinton seemed to be caught off guard when asked about these subjects.

Tapper said he was “stunned” by how Clinton handled the questions he was asked.

“I know some of the people on that team, and I’m sure they tried to prepare him, but I’ve been amazed at how poorly he’s handled these questions,” Tapper said. “I mean, a lot of them you could have anticipated; the world has changed in just the last year.”

Tapper then brought up actor Kevin Spacey who hosted the Tony Awards last year and was subsequently fired from the hit Netflix show “House of Cards” after it was accused of sexual assault.

“I think he should have done it again,” Meyers joked. “I thought he was great!”

“The world has changed, so you have to adapt,” Tapper said. “And I would think he would have had automatic answers for ‘Do you owe Monica Lewinski an apology? What do you make of the Me Too movement? What do you make of this individual case, Harvey Weinstein, whoever.’ And, boy, some of the answers have been just — you couldn’t — if you wanted to write the worst answer he could give – it is almost as if. That one he did today about whether or not you can grope people,” People have different rules today about where you can touch them on their bodies involuntarily.”

“Yeah, it was… not well-thought out,” Meyers said.

Last month Tapper told the Hollywood Reporter that the Clintons owe Lewinsky an apology — one which Bill Clinton he claimed during his Today interview that he made publicly but not privately.

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