Accuracy in Media

CNN’s Jake Tapper thinks Hillary Clinton is spending too much time blaming others for her stunning election loss, and not doing enough introspection as to why she lost:

“There’s a whole list of reasons why she didn’t win. But she doesn’t seem to have done enough introspection…when it comes to––you know, Putin didn’t tell you don’t go to Wisconsin, James Comey didn’t tell you [to] call one quarter of the country ‘deplorable.’”

Even Kirsten Powers, a former Clinton administration official and current CNN political analyst, thought that Clinton was in denial.

“Never in this equation is Hillary Clinton to blame for anything,” Powers said, adding that there were problems with her candidacy. She said that it isn’t helpful for Democrats to look back at the election, when they should be looking forward.

Maybe Powers should be leading the DNC instead of Tom Perez.


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