Accuracy in Media

Blogger Russell Shaw in his latest posting on is worried about Keith Olbermann’s future and is encouraging his readers to vote Democratic in the November 7th elections.

Why is Shaw worried?  Because Olbermann has turned what was supposed to be a news and entertainment show into a one man effort to vilify President Bush and the Republican Party.  While he admires Olbermann for taking a stand he is concerned that if the Democrats don’t win both houses of congress that the powers that be at MSNBC will fire Olbermann for being out of touch with Americans.

Shaw should be concerned that Olbermann will be fired.  But it won’t be due to his politics.  The brass at MSNBC doesn’t care about that.  It will be because his show consistently is a ratings loser. 

Voting for the Democrats won’t save Keith.  Finding anyone interested in watching his show is the real challenge

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