Accuracy in Media

I recently attended the 2005 World Expo in Nagoya Japan and found myself in a very pro environment and politically correct atmosphere. The first corporate pavilion I went to was sponsored by Mitsui and Toshiba. This pavilion’s theme was Space Child Adventure, Grand Odyssey and there I began my pc journey. Here is the first paragraph from the brochure I was handed when I entered the pavilion.

Our living Earth nurtures an abundance of life. And we believe that human beings are the peak of all those abundant life forms. Human beings are the only ones that have created glittering civilizations one after another, or have sent rockets into outer space. But it is also these outstanding human beings who have damaged nature and our world to a critical degree. Now we have also started to notice that we have to believe in all seriousness that our living planet Earth is made up of a delicate balance of life forms, and that Earth itself is one living organism.

So as the story goes humans damaged the earth so much that it became uninhabitable and the population was forced to flee into space to live. Our mission as visitors to the pavilion was to serve as crew members on a ship to find earth and make it our home like it once was. The difference now is that we understand what our ancestors did to destroy the planet and that we won’t make those mistakes again. In other words we are all environmentalists.

Everything about the expo is geared around the environment, from the Earth Tower Nagoya City, to the Forest Nature School and my favorite the Global House where the theme is Knowing and Loving- The Story of Our Earth.

But wait that’s not all, the Aichi Japan pavilion features a film and presentation on how global warming is melting all the glaciers and that the world will soon be flooded. Now there is a comforting thought for all the children in the audience.

And for all of the U.N. lovers the country pavilions are located in the Global Village. That sound ominous. Of course the U.N. had a pavilion preaching diversity etc?? Somehow they managed to leave out any reference of the Oil for Food scandal. So much for accuracy.

While the expo is very PC, there is quite a bit of cool technology on display. Toyota had performing robots, Hitachi a nifty 3-D presentation like I have never seen before and the coolest of all for me was riding the Maglev train to the expo site.

If you miss this expo you will have to until 2010 when the next one will be in China.

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