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The aptly named National Union of Teachers (NUT) in the United Kingdom, has requested classes for children starting at three years of age on same-sex relationships in an effort to stamp out homophobia.

The NUT which also happens to be the country’s largest teachers union claims that even at three children are using homophobic language.

According to the Daily Mail the Department of Education and Skills’ Early Years Foundation Stage consultation document states that “In the case of homophobia, the use of the word ‘gay’ is prevalent in primary schools and young boys who are perceived to not conform to masculine stereotypes are at risk of bullying, isolation and social exclusion. It is too late to wait until primary school to challenge prejudice and intolerant abusive language.” NUT also added that “There will be parents who are gay or lesbian who will want to be reassured that their children will be safe in the setting. Many gay parents do not ‘come out’ to their nursery schools because they fear their children will be bullied as a result of the sexual orientation of their parents.”

While there has been some support, not everyone is pleased with the proposal. Nick Seaton of the Campaign for Real Education told the Daily Mail that “It is achingly politically correct and it’s a sad reflection on the direction state education is taking, with the emphasis on teaching politically correct values, rather than worthwhile subjects.”

Yes, it’s political correctness run amok. The gay population is estimated to be between 5-7% in the U.K. yet this proposal would attempt to mainstream their lifestyle and behavior. Just as in the U.S., this isn’t about teaching tolerance or acceptance of the lifestyle but part of a larger agenda to use the schools as a tool to recruit youngsters into gay life.

Hopefully the parents in the U.K. will come to their senses and stop this proposal before it is enacted.

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