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In the Tank? Chicago Reporter Congratulates Obama on Re-election at Press Conference

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, at least one reporter decided that it was okay to shed any pretense of being unbiased, when she congratulated Obama at his first news conference since the election.

Obama received the kudo’s from Christi Parsons, the White House reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

Thank you, Mr. President. And congratulations, by the way.

The President noted that Parsons also covered his state Senate race in Chicago in 1996, to which she responded by saying that she had “never seen you lose. I wasn’t there that one time.”

That was in reference to Obama’s 2000 run for Congress, which temporarily halted his climb up the political ladder.

Parsons isn’t the only Obama partisan in the media, but she is the first one that I know of working for a major newspaper to overtly show her true colors in public. But she probably won’t be the last.