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In an editorial on Friday, The Wall Street Journal branded the Republicans who ran on immigration issues as “Immigration Losers” claiming that this issue is the “fool’s gold of American politics.” 

First of all it is not immigration candidates like J.D. Hayworth and Randy Graf ran on, but illegal immigration which in the case of Arizona is being overrun with illegal aliens crossing the border. 

Second, if illegal immigration is a losing issue, then why did 3 measures targeting illegal immigrants pass with over 70% of the vote in Arizona? 

In Colorado where Republicans lost races that the Journal traces to the immigration issue, the measures on illegal immigration are either leading (not all the votes have been counted) or have won. Granted the percentages are lower at 51% and 56% respectively compared to Arizona, but then again it isn’t a border state.

It is true that Latino’s overwhelmingly voted with the Democrats and for them I am sure the Republicans illegal immigration stance was one of the key reasons, but it wasn’t exactly like the party has received a large percentage of Latino votes to begin with. 

As the Journal points out, the party lacked a cohesive policy position when it came to illegal immigration.  Hardliners wanted more border security and a fence, the President favored a guest worker program that was sure to please the liberals.  The President then signs a bill authorizing a 700 mile fence along a border that is almost 2,000 miles long and doesn’t fund it.  No wonder the voters tossed out the Republicans.

The Journal didn’t lay all the blame though with the Republicans who lost.  They went a step further by also blaming CNN host Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly and the editors of National Review magazine.  Why?  Because they had the courage to say what needed to be said.  Apparently the strategy to winning and staying in power was to keep quiet and not tackle important issues.  Who needs a conscience anyway?

There will be endless arguments as to why the Republicans lost on Tuesday, but their immigration stance based on the referendums and initiatives that were passed weren’t to blame. 

Maybe the next time the Journal will get it right.

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