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Huffington Post senior politics editor Sam Stein told MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday morning that President Barack Obama deserves much of the blame for large Democratic Party losses across the country during the course of his presidency.

Stein was commenting on remarks Obama made in an interview with his former senior adviser, David Axelrod, earlier this week.

“This was as much a dig against Clinton as it was Trump from President Obama,” Stein said. “To a certain extent, you have to say, okay, the Democrats may be over-analyzing the loss a tiny bit because they ended up with 2.8 million more votes for their candidate.”

Stein then said what the liberal media is loathe to admit about Obama:

“But then on the other hand, you look at the destruction of the Democratic Party under Barack Obama’s leadership and you have to wonder; what was the political — what were the electoral benefits that he gave to the party?

He leaves them in a much worse position. The states are decimated, they lost control of the House and the Senate, the governorships are decimated.

Maybe he is a gifted candidate; he won election twice by substantial margins. But his legacy as a politician is a bit muddied by all that.”

That legacy includes the loss of nine Senate seats, 62 House seats, 12 governorships and a whopping 958 state legislative seats, which has sent the Democratic Party to depths that will take years, if not decades, to recover from.


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