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The Huffington Post appears to be benefiting from its merger with AOL as the latest website traffic numbers show a significant spike in traffic.

Since the merger took effect, AOL has fired hundreds of employees and dropped websites that Arianna Huffington didn’t feel comported with her strategy to remake the combined company.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Huffington said that when she reviewed AOL’s various websites, “There was no clear editorial direction,” and that was what she was “bringing to the table now.”

Part of this process is erasing much of the AOL way and refocusing the company in a more HuffPo-centric way.

According to the Journal she has the support of AOL chief Tim Armstrong, if not the remaining employees at AOL.

If she can maintain the upward momentum and increase the profits of the combined AOL-HuffPo entity she may begin to make the merger pay off at least to some degree.

“There was no clear editorial direction,” she said of AOL’s collection of sites while settling into her new office in New York recently. “That’s what we’re bringing to the table now.”

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