Accuracy in Media

In yet another sign that AOL wasn’t really buying the Huffington Post but that the eponymous liberal website was being paid to take over AOL, Mediaite reports that HuffPo will take over the AOL news operation.

The folding of the Aol News department and replacement by HuffPost will create an interesting dynamic between the more predominantly “red state” Aol users who will now be directed to “blue state” oriented Huffington Post content. Regardless, this provides the most convincing argument to date that Huffington Post was only “acquired by Aol,” as far as the finance departments are concerned.

Sounds like HuffPo will be doing its best to spin the news to satisfy the AOL users, which should be interesting considering the “beyond left and right” mantra that Arianna Huffington has professed since the merger was announced.

This is beginning to remind me of a bad Star Trek movie with HuffPo playing the role of the Borg who is telling AOL users that they are the Borg and resistance is futile.


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