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The Huffington Post saw a huge surge in website traffic in November that moved them up to the #2 slot for newspaper sites ranked by comScore.

From the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has registered 26 million unique monthly visitors in the United States, a record for the site, according the comScore November data for the “Newspaper Sites.”  (See below.)

The comScore numbers find the Huffington Post holding in the the number two “newspaper” position, after the New York Times.  It has passed the Tribune newspaper group, which is now ranked third.

In the period of May through November, the Wall Street Journal registered the biggest jump in traffic, up 23 percent, although slightly down in November.  In that same period, the New York Times rose six percent, also slightly lower in November.


For a company that ranks companies’ internet presence comScore was way off base by including HuffPo in the newspaper category when they belong more in a news site or independent blog category with the likes of Drudge, Politico etc…

That would be a more accurate comparison than placing them with companies that actually print a newspaper.

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