Accuracy in Media

MSNBC contributor Howard Fineman wants the public to ignore Obama’s performance come election time and judge hm by a “values” criteria.

Fineman: He made the mistake in early of 2009 of saying that I’m going to be judged by my performance. Well if he’s judged by his performance on the economy it’s a tough sell. If’ he’s judged on the basis of values and it’s a referendum on values he’s got a shot.

In other words, ignore the high unemployment numbers and generally lousy economic performance and vote for him based on values. Besides, what values is he talking about? The federal government taking over the health care and automobile industries? The values of radical left-wing appointments like Van Jones and Anita Dunn? Trillion dollar-plus deficits as far as the eye can see? It is understandable that Obama’s allies in the media recognize the problem he could have getting re-elected if people judge him by his performance. But typically that’s what Americans do. It’s called accountability.


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