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Speaking at Carnegie Mellon University, former presidential candidate and DNC chairman Howard Dean opened up about the Tea Party, the vast right-wing conspiracy and Fox News.

Dean told the audience that that the difference between Fox and MSNBC isn’t that they are biased, because they both are, but that Fox often says things they know aren’t true and they say it anyway. He went on to say that Fox isn’t a news organization but an incredibly well funded right-wing propaganda organization.

As for MSNBC, Dean told the audience that the networks’ facts are true and if they get the facts wrong they correct them the next day. Not exactly an unbiased opinion on his part. It would have been nice if Dean could have given an example where MSNBC readily corrected a mistake to prove his point.

But that’s what you get when you become a puppet for left-wing organizations like Media Matters which declared war on Fox last week.

Dean also briefly mentioned that his now famous Dean Scream from 2004 wasn’t what it seemed and that it looked different once Fox was finished with it.

Here again Dean attacks only Fox News, but every cable news and broadcast news outlet picked up the infamous footage and aired it over and over. It wasn’t exclusive to Fox.

Plus, Dean has had some fun with it and it led to an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman where he jokingly told Letterman that it was a “crazy, red-faced rant.”

That doesn’t exactly sound a like a man who was overly upset with the coverage at the time.

Next time Dean should take off his rose-colored glasses so that he can see where the real bias and propaganda is coming from.



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