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Former Democratic National Committee chairman and Hillary Clinton supporter Howard Dean criticized the media for what he called the “amplification chamber” that Clinton will have to deal with if she runs for president in 2016, as expected.

Dean spoke to CNN’s Peter Hamby about Clinton and the 2016 election:

‘I find all that to be worthless,’ Dean said. ‘I don’t pay any attention to that crap. I was at a meeting in Washington the other day with two very high-ranking people who I won’t mention, and one turned to the other and said, ‘Did you see that editorial in The Washington Post?’ And without being cranky, and without saying anything, I said to myself, ‘You’re a free man.’ Because why would anyone read The Washington Post, or certainly the editorial page of The Washington Post?’

‘I just don’t have any patience for this sturm und drang that goes on in what passes for media these days. I really don’t read most of the stuff that’s written about inside the Beltway kerfuffles like that because I think it’s silly.’

The problem with this criticism of the media is that it’s misdirected. Clinton’s bad press isn’t their fault, but hers.

She had a disastrous book tour, selling far fewer copies than the publisher had hoped. And she made it worse with interviews that made it seem like she and Bill were paupers when they left the White House, unable to afford the mortgages on their homes and daughter Chelsea’s expensive education. But in doing so she ignored the fact that before leaving the White House, she had signed a book deal with an $8 million advance, and that since leaving the White House she and Bill have hauled in more that $100 million between them for giving speeches, mostly to wealthy fat cats and business groups.

Then, to top it off, Hillary recently criticized Obama’s foreign policy, creating enough of a backlash that she suggested to the President that they “hug it out.”

Talk about awkward.

If Dean really wants to help Hillary, then he should find her some media-savvy consultants or volunteers who can help rehabilitate the image she badly damaged over the last few months, and prep her for 2016.

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