Accuracy in Media

While I have spent a good deal of my free time in the last few years watching movies on dvd at home, I love going to the movies to see films on the big screen. And like most movie goers I also like to have some popcorn while watching the movie. Well my view has chnaged and my radar has been raised thanks to my daughter.

She took a summer job working for a  national  theater chain in Maryland. Her main job is to wor the concession stand or major profit center as it is more commonly known in the business. You can imagine my horror when she told me the other day that the theater she works for re-sells day old popcorn to the customers without telling them. Yes, that’s right. At the end of the day they take all the unsold popped popcorn and bag it. Then they place it in warmers the next day and sell it to unsuspecting ciustomers.

I called and spoke to an environmental inspector with the health department and he told me that there is nothing in the code that prohibits this practice “as long as it isn’t being swept off the floor.” He did agree with me though that the practice is deceptive and to “not take anything for granted.”  That is so reassuring.

 Is this an isolated incident? I wouldn’t be surprised if this is common practice at most theater chains as they try and squeeze more profit out of each ticket buyer. But how much does popcorn really cost the theater to pop?

 So the next time you go to a theater, insist on watching the popcorn pop, lest you wind up with warmed over day old food.

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