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hillary clinton at bowling alley in iowa

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton struggled to defend her conflicting statements on her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

Clinton appeared on This Week with George Stephanpoulos on Sunday:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally on this matter, you know, a few months back, you told my colleague, David Muir it was a mistake to set up this private server. Yet just this Monday, you said there was no error in judgment.

How do you square those two statements?

CLINTON: Well, look, as I’ve said many times, it was permitted. My predecessors had engaged in a similar practice. It was not the best choice. I wouldn’t be here talking to you about it. I’d be talking about what people in Iowa are talking to me about, about affordable health care and jobs and rising wages and all of the concerns that are on their minds.

And be, you know, really able to answer their questions as I have been now for so many months.

Of course that was good enough for Stephanpoulos, who used to work in the Clinton administration, giving Hillary yet another pass from the liberal media.


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