Accuracy in Media

Hillary Clinton isn’t considered trustworthy to a large majority of voters, and her interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley on Thursday isn’t likely to help convince voters that she is:

Pelley: You know in ‘76 Jimmy Carter famously said, “I will not lie to you.”

Clinton: Well, I have to tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer all the way through my time as secretary of state, to level with the American people.

Pelley: You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth?

Clinton: I’ve always tried to. Always, always.

Pelley: Some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself. ‘Always tried to.’ Jimmy Carter said, ‘I will never lie to you.’

Clinton: You know, you’re asking me to say have I ever. I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever have. I don’t believe I ever will. I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people.

Maybe she can start by leveling with the American people on what really happened in Benghazi, and why she had a private email server that contained classified emails while she was secretary of state.

Even if Clinton had managed to unequivocally declare that she wouldn’t lie, voters probably wouldn’t have believed her. A new Quinnipiac poll shows that two-thirds of American voters think Clinton is not honest or trustworthy, and changing their perception of her on this issue will be very difficult given both Bill and Hillary’s struggles with the truth during their careers.

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