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Hillary Clinton, fresh off her win in the Nevada caucuses, admitted Sunday that voters are trying to “sort through” whether she’s just in the presidential race for herself.

Clinton appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and was responding to host Jake Tapper’s question on the voters’ lack of trust in her, and how she fixes that with the independent voters that she will need to win the presidency:

I understand that voters have questions. I’m going to do my very best to answer those questions.

I think there’s an underlying question that maybe is really in the back of people’s minds, and that is, you know, ‘Is she in it for us or is she in it for herself?’

I think that’s, you know, a question that people are trying to sort through.

I’m going to demonstrate that I have always been the same person, fighting for the same values, fighting to make a real difference in people’s lives long before I was ever in elected office, even before my husband was in the presidency.

So I know that I have to, you know, make my case. I have to demonstrate what I have achieved.

She has achieved quite a bit in the last few years: Benghazi, a private email server containing classified emails, and giving speeches to Goldman Sachs for $675,000 while preaching about income inequality—just to name a few.

As for why she’s running, it’s certainly not for the people, but for herself. She was badly embarrassed by Obama in 2008 and has been waiting for another opportunity to prove to herself—as well as to her skeptics—that voters are not only ready for a female president, but that despite all of her scandals she is the Democrats’ best hope for retaining the White House.

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