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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended her email practices at a press conference in Las Vegas, going so far as to joke when asked by Fox News’ Ed Henry whether or not she had wiped her private email server?

“I don’t know, I have no idea,” Clinton said. “Like with cloth or something? I don’t know how it works digitally at all. I know you want to make a point, I will just repeat what I have said: in order to be cooperative as possible, we have turned over the server, they can do whatever the want to with the server to figure out what’s there and what’s not there … we turned over everything that was work-related. Every single thing.”

Clinton said that she has turned over 55,000 pages of anything from her personal email server that she thought was work related, noting that over 1,200 have been deemed to be not work related. She omitted the fact that over 300 of the emails analyzed to date may have been classified, adding that even if she had used a government account and released her emails for all to see, that “we would have the same arguments.”

No we wouldn’t, because her use of a private email server to conduct State Department business is unprecedented and at the very least violated the spirit of the law, whereas using a government account is standard operating procedure.

Rather than elicit laughs, Clinton’s latest joke–much like her Snapchat joke a few days ago—only reinforces to many Democrats that she isn’t taking the scandal as seriously as she should, despite the fact that it could sink her campaign and prevent the party from holding on to the White House next year.

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