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NBC News White House correspondent Peter Alexander is reporting that Hillary Clinton has hired a former aide to First Lady Michelle Obama to reshape her image, as she prepares to run for president in 2016.

Kristina Schake, who has been widely credited with giving Michelle Obama an accessible everywoman image thanks in part to her undercover Target shopping excursion and dance routine on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon—which has been viewed more than 22 million times on YouTube—faces a new challenge in broadening Clinton’s appeal, according to Alexander.

Alexander notes that Clinton has been described as “cold and calculating” by her critics, and in 2008 when she ran for president against Obama, the soon to be nominee said she was “likable enough.”

Her recent struggles with explaining her use of a private email account and server, and refusal to allow the server to be inspected by an independent third party, have only added to the image perception that she is both secretive and arrogant—not characteristics voters normally want in a president.

Alexander says that as part of the image makeover, Schake may try to show a softer side of Clinton and highlight her sense of humor, in order to make her more than “likable enough” to voters.

If Schake can pull it off it would be a miracle, but I for one am not betting on it.

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