Accuracy in Media

With 56 days left until the election, GQ is throwing its hat into the ring of political coverage by giving former ESPN, Current, and MSNBC host Keith Olbermann a bi-weekly web series called The Closer with Keith Olbermann, on which he will provide commentary on the election, with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump being his main target. “It’s after Labor Day and he still hasn’t fled for the Cayman Islands yet,” Olbermann said, seated in the GQ version of the Oval Office. “He still could wind up in a place that looks just like this. Not if I can help it.”

Olbermann, who used to live in a Trump building, has seen his career slide into oblivion after he was fired from MSNBC. Unless he has undergone a major personality change, this web foray will do nothing to revive it.

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