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Newt Gingrich, who blasted John King and CNN at the GOP debate on Thursday when he was asked a question about his ex-wife Marianne’s charges that Gingrich wanted an “open marriage,” received some support this weekend from Herman Cain and Fred Thompson.

Accuracy in Media’s intrepid video journalist Benny Johnson was in Charleston this past week to cover the Republican debate and primary in South Carolina. He caught up with Cain and Thompson and got their comments on Gingrich’s response to King on Thursday night.

Cain:  Two words. Love It.

Cain went on to say that the media have an agenda to “dictate who the nominee is going to be” and that they also want to distract the American public from what is really important.

Thompson said the media have to expect that “when they dish it out that they’ve got to take it too.”

The media didn’t take it very well and John King is still defending himself for asking the question.

While King’s questions appear to be part of a larger media plan to derail Gingrich’s candidacy, it instead gave Gingrich momentum during the debate — momentum that he rode all the way to  a stunning victory last night.

Gingrich has realized that he has hit on a hot-button issue with conservatives. During his victory speech last night he referred to the “media elites,” signaling that the battle between Gingrich and the  mainstream media  has only just begun.

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