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The Obama campaign is trying to do its part to bring down that stubbornly high unemployment rate by advertising for people to join its digital team in Chicago.

Advertising on the JobsthatareLEFT electronic job bank, the campaign says it is looking for “talented social media copywriters and strategists” and that the campaign will “run the most effective, creative, and innovative digital campaign in the history of politics.”

Applicants will need to be very social media savvy, especially with Facebook and Twitter, but will also need to possess “a head for politics, a sense of humor, and buckets of common sense,” which apparently the campaign is sorely lacking at this point.

Obama’s campaign was one of the most digital savvy campaigns in 2008 and has continued to build its social media bona fides with the recent Twitter town hall and other forays into the digital world. But unlike 2008 Obama now must run on his actual record as President. With the Facebook generation far less enamored of him, it looks like he is pinning his hopes of winning them back using humor and common sense instead of hope and change.

(h/t New York Observer)

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