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Keith Olbermann, who joined Current TV last year and was supposed to be the linchpin of the network’s strategy to create a lineup of news and commentary programs that would theoretically compete with MSNBC and CNN, may be on his way out if an ad in yesterday’s New York Times is any indication.

The full page ad in the Business section features pictures of Current hosts Cenk Uygur and Jennifer Grantholm, but not Olbermann.

Grantholm, the former governor of Michigan, was hired last year and her new show “The War Room” debuted last night.

Olbermann wasn’t completely AWOL from the ad. His show received top billing at the bottom of the ad, with Uygur’s and Grantholm’s shows listed just below Olbermnann’s.

Earlier this month Olbermann’s future was called into doubt after he complained about what he called low production values, which included constant power outages in his building, and unreliable car service.

Olbermann didn’t make his bosses too happy when he refused to participate in Current’s Republican debate coverage earlier this month, leaving the network without their lead anchor and chief news officer to cover the major political events of the year to date.

While ratings are up substantially at Current since Olbermann joined the network, they are down significantly since his show debuted in June, and have failed to show the growth that Olbermann predicted and that Current had hoped for.

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