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At the end of his show last night, Sean Hannity told his viewers that his show will be returning to the 9 p.m. timeslot starting Sept. 25 to make room for Laura Ingraham’s new show, which will debut at the end of October.

Hannity said he was very happy about the move and looked forward to beating what he called “Conspiracy Theory TV.”

“All of my career, I always started behind the eight ball. In the month of August, for example, we were No. 2 in cable because for some bizarre reason, conspiracy theory TV is working right now.”

Hannity was referring to MSNBC, whose ratings have surged thanks in part to the lineup changes at Fox after they fired Bill O’Reilly and that, led by Rachel Maddow, have become the anti-Trump news network.

“But with your help- you help us spread the word, give us a little time, we’re planning on being No. 1 with your help.”

He finished off the segment by congratulating Ingraham for joining the primetime lineup, which has lost ground to MSNBC in the last few months while praising his current colleagues Tucker Carlson and Martha MacCallum for the jobs they’ve done.

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