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Gun Control Movie “Miss Sloane” Flops

Despite being heavily advertised, the gun control thriller “Miss Sloane” has been declared a flop after just two weeks in release.

The movie, which stars Jessica Chastain as a lawyer fighting for universal background checks, opened in a handful of cities on Thanksgiving, was then released inĀ 1,648 theaters last weekend, and only sold $1.9 million in tickets, placing the film in eleventh place for the week.

According to Deadline, the film, which cost $13 million to produce, is expected to gross just $5 million, making it one of the larger flops of the year given the star power of Chastain.

“Miss Sloane” is an example of Hollywood betting on what seemed to them like a sure thing—the election of Hillary Clinton to help make the film a success, given her support of gun control—only to see the movie go down in flames, just like Clinton’s presidential hopes.