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Former vice president Al Gore whose new movie “An Inconvenient Truth” is struggling to find an audience now plans to carry his global warming agenda once step further by training 1,000 people to take his message across America.

According to Reuters, Gore told a group of reporters in New York that he will set up a bipartisan educational campaign by the end of the year to train 1,000 messengers to give a version of his global warming slide show that is featured in his movie.  Note that he used the term bipartisan and didn’t mention the word balanced.  Big surprise.

Gore will pay for the training from the profits of the book and movie, which are likely to be modest at best based on the current box office returns.  Al has to remember that he is no Michael Moore and that global warming normally isn’t at the top of the agenda for most Americans.

Any success Gore has had with his slide show and global warming campaign has a lot to do with his passion for the subject.  The question will be whether or not he can transfer that to his messengers and do people really want to sit through a slide show on a less than riveting subject.  Also what are the requirements to be a messenger?  Is there a green test?
Do you have to tote your slide projector around in a hybrid? 

In the end it won’t matter too much whether or not Gore succeeds with his global warming agenda, because he has used the film and book to re-emerge on the national stage and set himself up as a potential power broker of not candidate in 2008.


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