Accuracy in Media

Staring next year Californians will have to display a sticker on their car that rates the vehicles “environmental score” in an ongoing effort to educate the public about global warming according to the Mustang News.

The “Green Stickers” will carry scores, from 1-10, to supposedly reflect the level to which vehicles contribute to “global warming” and smog. So, if the score is low, you are a dirty dog who is killing the planet one tank at a time. If the score is high, you are better than everyone else and drive with your nose in the air. Being printed and designed by the California Air Resources Board, you also get the pious admonition on the sticker: “Protect the environment, choose vehicles with higher scores.”

This is perfect for all the Hollywood types that have been falling over themselves to be green by buying every hybrid in sight while flying on their CO2 spewing private jets all over the world. 


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