Accuracy in Media

Former vice-president Al Gore’s global warming scare movie made a number of allegations including one that global warming hurricanes would become more violent and destructive.  To make his point Gore used footage from Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that it caused.

Now fast forward to 2006 and the current hurricane season.  Even though the National Hurricane Center predicted an above normal season it has been anything but.  We have had nine storms and five have been classified as hurricanes with one hitting land.  Not exactly the catastrophe that Gore predicted.

Scientists are debating why we have had a relatively mild year compared to 2005 and the explanations range from a high level of Saharan sands blowing our way to the activity of El Ni?os and slightly lower surface temperatures in the Atlantic. 

The media reporting on this issue has been focused mostly on how much money was spent by individuals and states in preparing for another Katrina type hurricane that didn’t arrive or pointing out that insurance rates are higher and will stay high making the insurers look like bandits when they are trying to recoup their losses and factor in the risks for customers who live in hurricane prone areas.  What about Al’s movie and his so called scientific evidence linking global warming? 

It appears that the media once again is looking the other way on this subject and for Al the truth really is inconvenient.

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